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I Am William Ackman, And I Approve Of This Message

Certain seals-of-approval have vastly diminished in the last 36 months. Rumsfeld's Iraq suggestions: low approval. Fannie Mae policy papers: low approval. Dick Fuld's Feng Shui guide: low approval.
Others, however, have grown rather substantially in the public eye. Your mother's paranoia about debt: high approval. Your father's advice to become a doctor and ignore that banking thing: high approval. William Ackman's advice on anything: high approval.
So when Ackman gives the Fed Reserve a gold star, well, you just want to smile at Beard after weeks of cat-calling him. Don't you?

What I like is I think stocks are cheap and I think the Federal Reserve has taken some very important steps that will improve liquidity--the banking system--and that in turn will help the economy," Ackman said on CNBC. "I think the most significant thing the Fed has done is committed to putting $250 billion in the banking system. I think they're doing it the smart way.

Fed Taking Measures 'the Smart Way': Ackman [CNBC]


How Should Bill Ackman And Carl Icahn Settle This Thing Once And For All?

When Mark Hughs founded a multi-level marketing company called Herbalife in 1980, he probably thought it had the power to do a lot of things. Help people lose weight. Makes others rich. Shake up the diet industry. What he mostly likely did not expect, however, was that his li'l company that could would reignite a feud between two billionaires that would devolve into a flurry of press releases quibbling over who was dying to be friends with whom, shouting matches on live TV, and, we predict, someone telling someone else he has a right mind to "Rip the eyes out of your head and piss into your dead skull! You messed with the wrong hedge fund manager!"

Bill Ackman Has Tons Of New Damning Data Points About Herbalife, None Of Which He Can Reveal At This Time

You're just going to have to trust him when he says this thing's going down.