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If We Are Lucky, Timmay! Used Lehman

Sure, your friends told you that the days of 20-something Wall Street riches were over, but you knew you were better than that. Particularly when you diversified out of Investment Banks last year and branched over to hedge funds. Specifically, your own hedge fund. You know, like that truck driver commercial that used to run late at night. Be your own boss. Set your own hours. Yes, it looked like you were just sitting at home in your Ralph Lauren PJs and... (yes, I have to use this word) day trading. Yes, your friends see it that way, but you know better. Be this as it may, you slogged forward. No one was going to steal your dream. No sir.
Well, except for Lehman Brothers. Yes, they seemed like the cool underdog in the prime brokerage business (and no doubt you were congratulating yourself for avoiding Bear- how awesome was it to answer all those calls from your friends after that place collapsed? How excellent was it to tell them "no, I use Lehman"?) Well, now you're screwed. Now that intensely clever decision has bitten you right on the ass. Now all your assets are frozen. Your annual return figures may never recover and you just missed the best shorting opportunity this generation is likely to see. Don't despair. Maybe your parents will take you in for a few weeks months.
Lehman Hedge-Fund Clients Left Cold as Assets Frozen [Bloomberg]