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It's All Coming Together

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I'm sure a lot of you probably thought former Citi CEO Sandy Weill was just winging it when he cobbled together the world's largest diversified whorehouse, so huge it can barely support its own weight and so far off the course of sanity, likely due to a case of undetected syphilis, that it's under the impression that a ban on color copies can make up for zillions in losses. And that when he would chime in during Chuck Prince's tenure to say that anyone who tried to veer the firm off the course of achieving behemoth proportions was a communist, and hired the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders to do a little routine every time a higher-up waded further into the toxic swamp of subprime, and e-mailed Vikram Pandit little tips like "shareholders love bat shit insane mission statements," he was a crazy, meddling old man who didn't know what he was talking about. But you thought wrong. The Wall Street Journal reports that Weill is in talks to launch a private-equity fund that would "invest in beaten-down financial companies and assets." And the more beaten-down, ass-kicked, ridden-hard and put away wet, the better.


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