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We are totally, utterly tired of this utterly interminable election. But such things are in the eye of the street. We have tried to pay no attention, but then... "Joe the Plumber."

Republican John McCain continued to invoke the Ohio man, known now as Joe the Plumber, to charge that Democrat Barack Obama would raise taxes on American workers. Obama countered that his plan would cut taxes for the Toledo-area plumber while McCain's proposals favor the wealthiest Americans.
``Thanks to him, we've finally learned what Senator Obama's economic goal is. As he told Joe, Barack Obama wants to, quote, `spread the wealth around,''' McCain said in New Hampshire, referring to Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, who questioned Obama about his tax plan while the candidate was touring his neighborhood.

If you haven't heard of Joe the Plumber, please lend us the sleeping pills you've been using. We'd like to coast through the next many days before the election in a narcotic haze.

At a rally in Richmond, Virginia, Obama responded by saying, McCain ``isn't fighting for Joe the Plumber; he's fighting for Joe the Hedge-Fund Manager.''

At first we were puzzled, but then it occurred to us: It's the same Joe. And this has the virtue of explaining much of September's (non)performance.
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