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October 29, 2008 Goldman Sachs Announces the Partner Class of 2008
We are pleased to announce that the following individuals have been invited to become partners as of November 29, 2008, the start of our next fiscal year. These appointments recognize the contributions and potential of some of the firm's most valued senior professionals.

Paul R. Aaron
Sean J. Gallagher
David M. Marcinek
Heather K. Shemilt
Sanggyun Ahn
Gonzalo R. Garcia
Blake W. Mather
Magid N. Shenouda
Philip S. Armstrong
Paul E. Germain
John J. McCabe
Suhail A. Sikhtian
Charles Baillie
Paul Graves
John J. McGuire Jr.
Gavin Simms
Philip R. Berlinski
E. Glenn Hadden
Milton R. Millman III
Marshall Smith
Robert A. Berry
Jonathan J. Hall
Christopher Milner
John D. Storey
Oliver R. Bolitho
Jan Hatzius
Christina P. Minnis
Patrick M. Street
Patrick T. Boyle
Martin Hintze
Takashi Murata
Ram K. Sundaram
Stephen Branton-Speak
Todd Hohman
Todd G. Owens
Robert J. Sweeney
Anne F. Brennan
James P. Houghton
Craig W. Packer
Michael J. Swenson
Samuel S. Britton
Paul J. Huchro
Gilberto Pozzi
Jeffrey M. Tomasi
Jason G. Cahilly
Hidehiro Imatsu
Lora J. Price
David G. Torrible
Martin Cher
Alan S. Kava
Lorin P. Radtke
Frederick Towfigh
Denis P. Coleman III
Dimitrios Kavvathas
Richard M. Ramsden
Greg A. Tusar
Kevin P. Connors
Larry M. Kellerman
Michael J. Richman
Andrea A. Vittorelli
James V. Covello
Hideki Kinuhata
Michael Rimland
Paul Walker
Jeffrey R. Currie
Michael E. Koester
Luigi G. Rizzo
Alasdair J. Warren
Albert F. Dombrowski
J. Christopher
A. Kojima
Scott A. Romanoff
Dominic A. Wilson
Thomas M. Dowling
Michiel P. Lap
Julian Salisbury
Steve Windsor
L. Brooks Entwistle
Brian J. Lee
Paul D. Scialla
Martin Wiwen-Nilsson
Stephan J. Feldgoise
David A. Lehman
Peter E. Scialla
Denise A. Wyllie
Benjamin W. Ferguson
Deborah R. Leone
Peter A. Seccia
Han Song Zhu*
Wolfgang Fink
John S. Lindfors
Rebecca M. Shaghalian
Timur F. Galen
H.C. Liu
Devesh P. Shah
* Employee of Goldman Sachs Gao Hua Securities Company Limited
We congratulate all of those selected and wish them continued success in their careers. These decisions are extremely difficult and we would like to acknowledge the contributions of those who were not selected this year. We are confident that many of them will be selected in the future.
Lloyd C. Blankfein Jon Winkelried Gary D. Cohn


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