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Morning Contest Results, Closing Contest Rules

Noon gave us the S&P 500 at 868.60.
We believe that qualifies this...

Posted by guest, Oct 27, 2008 9:45AM
- NAS Keflavik boi
Beaver and Broad, son ... and bring a baggie for ya teef!! our winner. Nice job.
That was warm-ups, people. Now for the main event.

The Prize:
The DealBreaker "Don't Short Me, Bro!" mug. (A $560.00 value)*
The Contest:
Closest to the S&P 500's close today without going under.
No entries will be accepted after our "No More Bets" comment appears in the post. This will be about 30-45 minutes before the close, so get those bets in early.
And... begin!
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* Valuation subject to continued suspension of mark-to-market accounting.