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Morning Reading

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The Senate is set to vote on the American Freedom and Anti Terrorism and Defense Of Marriage Finance Act (AKA All Your Shitty Mortgages Are Belong to Us Act, AKA Save A Dolphin With AIDS Act) tonight at 7:30 pm. Because at least a handful are currently in temple,* and were yesterday as well, they may not have time to give the package a once over. We've enclosed it below so that they can pull it up on their Blackberrys and skim at this time. Or they can just pass it without review. Whichever.
Bailoutbill [PDF]
*My family belongs to the same house o' worship as Sen. Lautenberg (D-NJ), who gives a speech every year and presumably did the same this time around, but I missed it 'cause of this thing. Odds are he name-checked Dick Fuld.