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Not So Special Anymore

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The narrow ring of exclusivity draws smaller and smaller. Yes, there was our story earlier in the month about Goldman Sachs being an "iffy" enough trading partner to get a first tier scolding at the Pratts window, and now, apparently, UBS isn't a decent enough counterparty to avoid a potential counterparty credit downgrade from S&P.
Even after an orgy of Swiss bank backstopping, the news would seem to suggest that the old Swiss slogan "Any port in a storm, Switzerland in a hurricane" needs replacing. (I never understood that phrase. Switzerland is landlocked and not subject to hurricanes. But I digress). Whatever the case, it's clear Switzerland is going to need a new slogan. As usual, your suggestions are solicited. We came up with a few new ones to get your creative juices flowing. (Just clean the table off when you are done please, there's Lysol in the kitchen).
1. Switzerland: Safer for Jews than Austria.
2. Switzerland: Come for the vaults, stay for the chocolate!
The best suggestion in comments gets an all expense paid trip for eight days and three nights to Zurich.*
UBS Counterparty Credit Ratings May Be Cut, S&P Says [Bloomberg]
*Yeah, but not really.



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