Not So Special Anymore


The narrow ring of exclusivity draws smaller and smaller. Yes, there was our story earlier in the month about Goldman Sachs being an "iffy" enough trading partner to get a first tier scolding at the Pratts window, and now, apparently, UBS isn't a decent enough counterparty to avoid a potential counterparty credit downgrade from S&P.
Even after an orgy of Swiss bank backstopping, the news would seem to suggest that the old Swiss slogan "Any port in a storm, Switzerland in a hurricane" needs replacing. (I never understood that phrase. Switzerland is landlocked and not subject to hurricanes. But I digress). Whatever the case, it's clear Switzerland is going to need a new slogan. As usual, your suggestions are solicited. We came up with a few new ones to get your creative juices flowing. (Just clean the table off when you are done please, there's Lysol in the kitchen).
1. Switzerland: Safer for Jews than Austria.
2. Switzerland: Come for the vaults, stay for the chocolate!
The best suggestion in comments gets an all expense paid trip for eight days and three nights to Zurich.*
UBS Counterparty Credit Ratings May Be Cut, S&P Says [Bloomberg]
*Yeah, but not really.



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