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Nouriel Roubini Likes To Party, Quote Seinfeld

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Gawker did a little investigative journalism this afternoon (sifted through Facebook pics, sent and received Facebook messages) and discovered that Nouriel Roubini, AKA Dr. Doom, is not as full of gloom as we've been led to believe. To the contrary, despite his 'get in your bunkers, this thing's about to blow' calls, he is out there and loving every minute of it. Roubs apparently has many friends on a certain social networking site, "draws a cosmopolitan crowd to the frequent parties at his Tribeca loft, and is, he told Gawker, "quite a cheerful person...[who] lives life to its fullest. To paraphrase Seinfeld; anything wrong with that?" Plus, and this is the most telling, his walls are apparently "indented with plaster vulvas." Basically, this man is a fraud. Plaster vulvas scream nothing if not happy days are here my friends. The decor is downright ebullient, especially compared to Taleb's choice of paper mache assholes. Or, and this might be more likely, he's a sadomasochist getting off on this financial crisis sitch. Another bank failure and he'll be down right giddy.