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Overheard At Morgan Stanley

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"Has anyone noticed that, at 8 dollars/share, MS's market cap < Mitsubishi's investment ($8.9 billion v $9 billion)? Packing my desk now. You think they'd at least play re-runs of "Shogun" on the big screen outside of 1585, to make us more comfortable in our last hours."

Listen up, people. It doesn't have to be this Last Days In The Bunker way. You want everything to be fine? You need to do two things. 1. Listen to Lloyd Blankfein when he says put a sock in it. and 2. Heed the the advice of the Central Bank of Jamaica.


Morgan Stanley Has Canned Enough Employees At This Point

Great news for anyone who's been sitting nervously at their desk at Morgan Stanley the last few days, wondering whether or not their boss was about to tap them on the shoulder to go have a chat with HR: if you've made it this long, you're safe! There will be no more human layoffs for the foreseeable future (plants may still be at risk).