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Rain Delay

We know you were just as excited as we were to watch the likes of John Paulson, George Soros, Philip Falcone, James Simons, and Kenneth Griffin spar with Congressman Waxman, even on his turf. And, sure enough, we were all wound up to live blog it for you. (I had my money on Paulson in the third, but I'm biased). Well, turns out that we'd have to endure Alice Rivlin, the "first woman director of the OMB" for the prize winning title "Hearing On Market Regulation" instead. The Main Event is pushed to November 13th. I'm sure you won't want to miss the battle between Waxman, who despises rich people, and some of the richest on the planet.
Of course, I might be out $50 since even when you win a debate with Congress, you lose. Still, it was going to give me a chance to test my theory about markets and hearings in the House by shorting S&P 500 futures right before the hearing.


Crisis Commission Tells Goldman Sachs to Stop Delaying

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission slapped Goldman Sachs with a subpoena for documents and emails the bank has failed to turn over "in a timely manner," according to a press release from the Commission.