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Rain Delay (Part II)

Major sign of the slowdown? (And have you noticed, it's not the Bear Bear anymore, or the Lehman watch, nor is it the Credit Crisis or Credit Crunch, it's the "slowdown.") Stadiums are empty and people actually take notice that ticket prices have doubled or even tripled in the last five years.

"We've taken an incredible leap with the pricing of tickets that is going to come back to haunt the major sports," said Michael Cramer, professor of sports management at New York University.

Don't make fun. That program was totally our second choice. (Admittedly, we had been watching Jerry Maguire a lot).
Combine this with the "stadium name curse" (a favorite topic here at Dealbreaker) and the total lack of enthusiasm for smaller, local businesses to put a monochrome logo on the side of a wall for a rotating 30 minutes per game and you have a genuine problem.

"We'll cross our fingers like everyone else and hope that there's some type of economic recovery and any negative impact on our business will be a minimal one," National Hockey League Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly told Reuters this month.

Uh, Bill? Just a hint. Hockey's problems have nothing to do with the "slowdown."
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