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Rules Were Meant To Be Broken

When you were younger the world was probably pretty flexible. Someone wasn't with you all the time to see if you looked both ways when you crossed the street. Perhaps you ate a few extra cookies from the cookie jar here or there. But then there was that kid you knew from school who lived down the block. He never looked when he crossed the street. He never paid attention to dietary restrictions. He talked back whenever he felt like it and he never took off his shoes when he came over. Your mom hated that kid. Let me tell you, that kid was probably Bob Greifeld, CEO of NASDAQ OMX.
See, if your stock price slips under $1.00, NASDAQ generally de-lists you. But, well, rules were meant to be broken. And it's just easier for Bob this way, see?
Nasdaq overlooks own rule to rescue bruised stocks [Reuters]