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Running The Books

Alright. It's going to be ugly in about 5 minutes, in all likelihood. Information sentiment test time.
DOW at 12:00 noon today. You know the rules. We just did this. Closest without going under.
As an aside:
"Futures can trade down (only) as much as 10 percent. If they hit this limit, they can trade at (or exceed) this limit for 10 minutes. If they're still limit down after 10 minutes, there's a two-minute trading halt and we move to the next level (20 percent)." is the new "A credit default swap (CDS) is a swap contract in which a buyer makes a series of payments to a seller and, in exchange, receives the right to a payoff if a credit instrument goes into default or on the occurrence of a specified credit event, for example bankruptcy or restructuring.