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Sam Israel Offered Yet Another Opportunity To Escape

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Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley may be getting lightly pounded this morning but thanks to a being dubbed possibly insane, Sam Israel is not. Yes, ladies, the hedge fund industry's biggest M*A*S*H fan has seen his prison sentence delayed for a third time. The Bayou Group founder, who ran into some trubs when he ripped off his investors for $450 million and then faked his own death in an attempt to avoid the big house, has been ordered to undergo 90 days of medical and psychological evaluation in North Carolina. Israel's plea hearing has now been delayed until next year (the last time he got out of it was because his lawyer convinced the judge the process of weaning Israel off of fentanyl patches wasn't complete yet; the time before that apparently had to do with the fact that Sammy's smack habit rendered his ability to think clearly at about "60 to 70 percent"). Obviously we welcome this moment of reprieve with open arms, though we are a bit nervous about some quack doctor trying to "cure" SI of his attraction to birds. Fingers-crossed, some opened minded saint who understand that there's nothing wrong with inter-species sex is assigned to his case.


Woman Who Helped Sam Israel III Fake His Own Death Still Has Only Nice Things To Say About His Passion In The Sack, Department Stores

Remember Debra Ryan? For those who need a refresher, she was the woman behind the man that was Sam Israel III, the hedge fund manager who, with the help of DR, faked his own death in 2008 to avoid the prison time that was coming his way as a result of scamming investors in the Bayou Group out of $450 million. Several months after Israel was caught, Ryan penned an article for Marie Claire, explaining that she'd gone to great, illegal lengths to help him stay out of the big house because of all the "blazing sex life" they had, which see wasn't ready to give up. Though she was clearly not ready to move on ("I should just see it at face value and say he [screwed] me," she noted. "But I can’t let go") one would have thought that time and the three years probation Ryan was sentenced to would have helped her get over the guy who used to sneak up on her "while wearing glasses on his penis."  Apparently, though, such is not the case, as evidenced by Debra's contribution to a new book about Israel by Guy Lawson called Octopus, in which we learn that she is still carrying a torch for the guy the burns nearly as the fire in both their loins. "The next morning was Debra's birthday. She and Sam woke and made love-passionate, frantic, intense love. But as soon as they joined up with the Nicholses the atmosphere turned claustrophobic once again. Debra wanted alone time with Sam. But the Nicholses wouldn't leave them be for even a moment. Left with no choice, the two couples went for a stroll through the historic section of Zurich...wandering the old city was pleasant and exciting for Ryan. "I was starting to have a nice time," Ryan recalled. "Sam always wanted to spend money on me but I wouldn't let him. but this time he took me to a nice clothing store and bought me a bunch of new clothes. He was a great shopper- he could pick out clothes from the rack and they'd fit me perfectly. As we walked in one store, Sam turned me around and grabbed my face and kissed me with so much passion. We started to make out in the store, on the spur of the moment. I had never done that before, and I have never done it since. It was the best kiss ever." Octopus: Sam Israel, the Secret Market, and Wall Street's Wildest Con [Amazon] Related: Claim: Sam Israel’s Investors Gave Him Money Because They Liked Animal-Loving Cokeheads Who Looked Good In Women’s Underwear And Cowboy Boots Related: Hedge Fund Manager Who Faked His Own Death Has A Few Theories About Other Famous Murders, Real And Imaginary