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So Life-Like You'll Want To Reach Out And Give Uncle Vik A Tickle

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From: Don Callahan
Date: October 22, 2008
Re: Introducing TelePresence
Given Citi's global reach, we are continually challenged to find cost effective ways of conducting business across regions. To help us, we are introducing TelePresence - a new, highly advanced form of high-definition video conferencing which creates a life-like, in-person meeting experience. Five locations have been selected to accommodate cross-regional meetings via TelePresence. I have used this technology - it is most effective and should eliminate most need for travel.

I encourage you to schedule a demonstration and experience this new meeting format first-hand.
TelePresence Availability
The following reservation teams are available to schedule requests. They will manage the space to optimize usage. If TelePresence space is not available, the reservation teams will assist you in booking a Video Conference.
US - New York US - New York
399 Park Avenue, Room 2L 388 Greenwich Street , Room 27W
Executive Services Executive Services
212-559-4722 reservations 212-816-6600 reservations
Status: Available Status: Available
UK - London Mexico - Santa Fe
Canary Warf, Room 16 TelePresence Actuario Roberto Medellin #800, TelePresence Room
Executive Services Office of the CEO - Alejandra Buendia
44 (0) 20 7986 9800 reservations 52 (55) 2226-7998 /
Status: Available Status: October 27th
Hong Kong - Central
L50 Citibank Plaza , Room 50F
Executive Services
(852) 2501 2060 reservations
Status: Available
What is TelePresence?
TelePresence is a highly advanced form of video conferencing that creates life-like, in-person experiences between individuals, businesses, and events. It combines high-quality audio, high-definition video and interactive elements to deliver an in-person meeting experience over the Citi network.
TelePresence rooms are configured with three 65-inch screens and a specially designed table that seats six to eight participants on one side of the "virtual table." For larger meetings, the room will accommodate a second row of an additional ten participants.
Presentations are shared between locations using a display below the monitors.
Cost to hold a TelePresence meeting
Fee will be incurred for dedicated technician support outside of standard operating hours.