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So Uncool, Lewis.

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While Ken Lewis was opening the door for John Thain this morning at Bank of America, he (or someone 5 notches below him on the food chain) was telling a now former employee not to let it hit his ass on the way out. Analyst Michael Hecht, who was apparently very well liked and highly respected at the firm, has been relieved of his duties (which we're guessing came as a surprise to him, as he wrote "if you know of any jobs out there..." in an email this morning). This is a damn shame, as Hecht was the analyst who had the sense of humor (and death wish) to taunt Dick Fuld on the September 10 conference call with a question about the Gorilla being open to a sale of LEH, despite knowing it was something of a touchy subject. The oddest bit in this whole thing is that Hecht apparently has had a buy call on Merrill Lynch "forever" which you would think, given the circumstances of Bank of Merrill Countrywide, would at least offer a little job security.