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Stereotypes We Love

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We love the Swiss. Sure, I am biased here, particularly when we are discussing the city of the gnomes, but you just have to love a culture that shines in hard times by pointing to its alarmingly large caches of wealth. Shortages in Zurich tend to run along the "running out of vault space" lines.
Yeah, you have to endure the old pensioners who call your illegally parked Benz in to the police within moments of your parking. True, jaywalking draws jeers from drivers. Admittedly, the least off-color remark elicits emotional shock and awe from the locals. But that's the fun. Shocking the Swiss is a fantastic sport, and (most of) that gold from, you know, before, has been returned. What's not to love?
Full Disclosure: Long CHF, Short USD, Long Krugerrands, Long Confoederatio Helvetica
Zurich Bank's Vault Is `Full to the Top' With Gold [Bloomberg]