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The Dangers Of Lists: Someone's NOT On Them

So has your local bank announced an infusion by the Treasury yet? No? Then the Treasury might not think it is going to survive the crisis. That's how the New York Times plays it, anyhow. There is a certain bitter smell to the article. I strongly suspect that some of the people involved in the piece over at the New York Times were, long ago, left standing in line after the list of the people picked for the baseball team was read.
But, you know, there are other reasons your bank might not have rushed out a press release. Perhaps they just don't like the terms the Treasury has to offer, and now they have to spend the rest of the month explaining that no, they did qualify, but they just chose not to take the money. Good luck with that, guys. Let us know how it goes.
Which Banks Won't Make Henry Paulson's Cut? [The New York Times]