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The End Is Near

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I've got more news on the free food front and if you have any sense of right and wrong, you're not going to like it. Taken on its own it's extremely upsetting; coupled with what we told you earlier, it is a 1-2 punch to the stomach. Honestly, that's actually sugar coating it; it's worse. It's like a punch to the stomach that knocks you over and then repeated kicks to the ribs and maybe (definitely) some bashing of the skull with a tire iron.* Credit Suisse has cut expensed late night dinners from $30 to $25. This, taking nothing else into account, is of course upsetting for the employees of the marginally more reputable Swiss bank in town. But what's exponentially more devastating is that Goldman Sachs is now being out-eaten not just commercial banks but (sort of) big boy banks, as well. If we hear about someone in Stamford's afternoon snack fund being reduced to $1,000 worth of Funyuns dipped in chocolate sauce, from $2,500, I'm going to lose it.
*I'm doing what I can on the imagery here, Gasparino was on the air and unable to help me out.


By John (Flickr: Panic button) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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