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I really resent the whole financial meltdown and the attention whores in Congress who've been distracting us from what really matters: Jeff Epstein. I didn't even know that you can buy stuff while you're in prison, probably because everything I know about prison I learned from movies (...or did I?) but apparently you can and the massage enthusiast is taking full advantage! The Smoking Gun has obtained Epstein's commissary receipts since he got locked up on June 30. Items include almond Hershey bars, creamer, skin care products (Lubriderm, hand lotion, and petroleum jelly), a washcloth, something called "Peanut Butter Squeezer" and "Lil' Chub Sausage."
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Follow-up questions: 1) Would you agree or disagree that you've been prove to be "something of a weapon of mass destruction"? 2) Can you justify your continued employment?