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Voting On The Bailout: Let's Try This One More Time

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8:18: They're voting on the Amtrak and rail safety bill now. Lame.
8:28: Now they're debating the "U.S.-India Nuclear Agreement."
8:37: CNBC is showing us footage of McCain's car pulling up to the building. Also: a former "massage parlor-king" says he can ease political tension in Thailand.
8:39: They're taking roll, just got through the k's. Wouldn't that be wild if Kennedy came out for this one?
8:44: CNBC commentator from the CATO Institute says, "We're getting raped." I missed everything else, but I think he's against the bill.
8:46: I'm getting pretty bored here so I'm just going to say it: Senator Akaka.
8:50: Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH): "This would be a major mistake not to pass."
8:52: Senator Harry Reid (D-NV): Is giving what sounds like a speech at someone's retirement party. In this case it's David something's retirement party. "David has been party of our Senate family for 31 years." "He is a wonderful person." "He is part of our extended family."
8:54: Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is also talking about "David." I seriously think they're about to cut a cake.
9:06: They're voting.
9:09:: Stupid ass counter is not up to speed. So far:
13 v 4, Y v N
9:11: 30 v 4, Y v N
9:12: 40 v 13, Y v N
9:13: 40 v 15, Y v N
9:16: 56 v 18, Y v N (can't believe Feingold voted Nay.)
9:17: 65 v 21, Y v N
9:18: 74 v 25, Y v N (who didn't vote? Kennedy?).
PASSED. I feel like I should go buy a wooden bow and arrow.