We're Bigger Than U.S. Steel

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Who said the Russians don't know bailout? When Mikhail Fridman (close ally of Putin's administration) got himself on the wrong side of Deutsche Bank and friends to the tune of $2 billion, the Kremlin simply wrote him a check, which he steadfastly refused twice before finally giving in.
In Former-Soviet Russia, bailout begs for you.
Russia Tosses Life Preserver to One of Its Richest Men [The Wall Street Journal]


New York, London, Hong Kong… Moscow?

Russia may have the kind of official corruption that would make a Sicilian blush, a fairly weak grasp on the rule of law, a pair of would-be czars trading its top two political posts and, now, more orphans than it can give away. It also may have a stock exchange worth as much as the big one with the columns down on Broad Street.