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Who Needs A Job?

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Lehman Brothers is hiring! Well, the bankrupt holdings company is. According to Carolyn Okomo, the bankrupt Brohamsters are asking a New York judge to allow to hire a staff of 450 to "look through Lehman's derivatives contracts to determine which parties could assert legitimate claims against the bank and [determine] the value of collateral in relation to the derivatives contracts." Obviously, a lot of laid off Lehmans are going to say hell, no, that would be totally demeaning, I'd rather be unemployed. But, if you can see the big picture for a second, this is the ultimate opportunity to violate the Gorilla in ways you never had a chance to since you were required to pack your shit up and leave asap, and he deep into reflection mode at the time. I'm not sure exactly how or what you would do, but I'm sure the brain trust can come up with something.
Lehman Wants To Hire 450 [The Deal]