Who Would Mesh Best With Vikram Pandit?


We don't agree with Charlie Gasparino on everything (namely, deli meats) but on the topic of one of two entities formerly known as investment banks needing to make a gal-pal of Citi asap, we are on board. Problem is, CG is not certain who would go best with a jolly elfin' CEO--Blankfein or Mack. On the one hand, it's fairly well-documented that Lloyd loves to give belly rubs, so that would be a natural fit. On the other, as Gaspar points out, Mack and Vickula both worked at Morgan Stanley, so there's a familiarity there. And of course, there's this:

If you don't see the raw chemistry between these two, and get that they are made for each other, you should seriously rethink your career in the financial services industry.