All-Staff Dark Arts Retreat Paying Off Big Time


We love ourselves some Short Selling Wizards, so it's been prettay prettay prettay tough to take the bad news coming out of Merlin-ville of late. This bit of excellent news was just the pick-me up we needed: Kynikos' Ursus International fund is said to have returned 18.01 percent for October and 45.53 percent year to date. Presumably this feat was accomplished through nightly candle-lit summonings of Isaac Le Maire on an Ouija board, and the sacrificing of several live goats, which is the modus operandi of this particular subset of fund managers, according to Christopher Cox. Anyway, we're realists and know this high (our's, not K's) can't last, so confidential to the rest of the group: send us your returns. Ackman--I know you've got something great to share. Falcone--surely you can come up with something!