Alternative Pitch: CNBC Reality Show About Don Gasparino


We stopped watching Wall Street Warriors after the first season because that was the last one that featured hedge fund guru Tim Sykes. Still, we feel for the diehard fans who had their hearts ripped out and stomped on this morning when the Times reported that MOJO, the high-definition channel that previous carried the WSW, will be closing up shop. An uncharacteristically subdued Sykes told us he thinks the home of Charlie Gasparino would be the perfect place for the series to find a new home. Sayeth Sykes: "I think CNBC should pick it up, [but] maybe they're too afraid of picking up something that's so realistic, considering the alternate financial reality they've worked so hard to create. Ultimately, WSW3 will of course find a home. The producers are just too talented and the content is in demand."