Blankfein Staring Down Slippery Slope


As mentioned yesterday, bonuses this year at Goldman Sachs, especially at senior levels, are going to be way down, if the sick, sadistic rumors are to be believed. Today things have taken exponentially darker twist. Charlie Gasparino reports that CEO Lloyd Blankfein is weighing whether or not to take a bonus at all. It's a terrifying thought, and one that we hope has no basis whatsoever in reality. It feels like just yesterday we were advising Blanks to tell the meddling bastards on his board that under no circumstances would he submit to a "say on pay" unless that say was his own and that pay was a unit. And now this? Honestly, what's next? Moving out of 15 CPW and back into his apartment on 81st Street alongside former neighbor Stan O'Neal who, despite being unemployed, would laugh heartily at the notion of not taking home millions, no matter the circumstances?