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Charlie Gasparino's Plan To Save Citi

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Master o' the markets Charlie Gasparino just had a little debate with CNBC's Steve Liesman re: Citi. According to Chaz, Citi will not fail, and there are a couple of ways we can get this bitch back up:
1. Vikram Pandit steps down, "stock goes to $7."
2. "If your friend Bob Rubin would stop talking to Obama and get working with Pandit, stock goes to $7."
Now, as you know, we could never hope to compete with the capacious intellect and market moving insight that Chaz brings to the table. But the situation is dire and we have got to make this thing work. Consider this your suggestion box for what Citi can do to pump itself back up. While it would be sacrilegious of us to attempt to climb on the shoulders of a giant, please realize that we approach this subject with the greatest humility, and self-awareness that we could never come close to CG's level of magisterial thought leadership, and that we're doing this for Citi. To that end, the first suggestion off the top of our heads is this: Vikram steps down, Gasparino steps up. Now you go.