Citi Shareholder Endorses Vikram Pandit, Chuck Prince And FDIC Not So Much


Ravishing in an a rust scarf and vest against a backdrop of a camels, horses, and donkeys, Prince Alwaleed, who has more or less wedded himself to the idea of being buried with this bitch, whenever that might be, told Maria Bartiromo moments ago that he has full confidence in Vikram Pandit, who he is constant touch with. He didn't seem too upset with the board, either. P to the A did however note that the FDIC fucked up the Wachovia deal, and blames the deal that wasn't for the drop in Citi's stock. Oh, and he told a little story about meeting his "good friend Sandy Weill" in Paris one night, at which time Sands told him, "Prince, I am sorry [for the whole Chuck Prince situation]." Though the Other Prince is "a good man, a gentleman, frankly speaking, the destruction of wealth was his fault." But no more! "We've spoken enough about Chuck Prince. Let's talk about Mr. Vikram. Let's give him some time. He's a man of strong will, he's a man of vision." No more about Chuck Prince. No more! One more word about Chuck Prince and I will shut you down, Maria. One more word!
Update: Charlie Gasparino "wouldn't trust what [Alwaleed] says when it comes to Vikram" because what he said about Chuck Prince "wasn't classy," and "not a good moment for The Prince."


Citi Shareholders Continue To Stick It To Vikram Pandit From Afar

Apparently everyone gets paid at Citi but Vikram.