CitiChina: Next, We Disable Their Bloomberg Accounts. And Google Finance Access. And The Internet In General!


In case you were wondering whether or not the powers that be at Citi are freaking the fuck out, rest assured: they are! We've just been informed that 390 Greenwich has removed the Citi stock ticker from the screens scattered throughout the lobby and cafeteria. Apparently the free-fall from 50 to 6 was okay but watching the drop from 5 was too much to bear.


What Hank And Hal Steinbrenner Need To Ask Themselves Right About Is, Do We Want $3 Billion Deposited In Our Bank Account In A Friendly Manner Or Do We Want It Violently Shoved Down Our Throats?

Are the Yankees for sale? "Baseball and financial sources" say yes. People with the last name Steinbrenner say no. Perhaps the latter, though, just needs to meet the right buyer? A buyer who's got money to spend? A buyer who wants a Major League Baseball team so badly he can taste it? Who has so far bid on not one, not two, but three organizations in the last year? A buyer who  can do this the easy way or the hard way? He's going to get his hands on a team one way or another and the sooner people realize that the better. So everyone is preparped, when the Big Guy is running the show, the first order of business will be: a) Shitcan A-Rod b) Reassign A-Rod to clean SAC's offices c) Rehire Ping Jiang to discipline underperforming players d) Gather all Yankee employees and unleash four hour-long string of obscenities about garbage performance e) all of the above