Credentialed Experts


Now, it seems, the same jobs data that hit oil prices with a vengeance just decided that it would be better if we boosted oil by slapping the dollar around hard for a round or two.
Either that, or Reuters thought that might cover their collective asses to explain the sudden reversal as a function of the dramatic initial trend. It does sound sort-of Sorosy, don't you think?
Of course, what suddenly reversal reversal article would be complete with some expert testimony, (though admitted without any sort of oath or hand in the air, or een ):

"Crude oil futures, like the stock market, are hanging in there. People came in today amid worries that the jobless data would crush the markets, but they haven't," said Andy Lebow, broker at MF Global, New York.

These things are touchy. Dicey. You really have to know exactly what you are doing before attempting to render advice in such matters. Experts. Seriously. Experts. Like MF Global (NYSE: MF).