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Dealbreaker Weekend Edition: Citi Deal Slipping? Or Opportunistic Use Of Nikkei Holiday?

Cracks are emerging in the fabric of the Citi deal. First off, there has been no let-up at all in the number of Pizza deliveries per hour (a critical deal closing metric, of course: deal closure probability rises as pizza delivery rate falls) amid rumors that the largest... sovereign... wealth... fund... ev-AH... is losing interest in Citi. But, savvy as they are, could the government just be playing hardball, stretching out the brinkmanship by taking advantage of the Japanese trading holiday.
The Nikkei is, obviously, unchanged, owing to that holiday, with Australia showing early volatility, but currently trading flat.
Since there is very little entertainment to be had watching that slow moving train wreck, we will be watching S&P 500 index futures when Obama announces his financial EMT squad tonight. At present they are trading around 798, with Dow futures pressing 8069 upward. A thin and dangerous day likely.