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Frailty, Thy Name Is Greenwich

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In the escalating class warfare that defines today's economic discourse, one has to be ready for turn-on-a-dime adjustments. For instance:
Hedge funds are lightly regulated investment pools that made rich clients richer and turned their managers into billionaires. the new...
Credit default swaps are insurance-like contracts that promise to cover losses on certain securities in the event of a default.
As you can see, the old hedge fund reference is updated to reflect the fact that there is nothing poor or middle class about either side of the hedge fund transaction.
Getting into the spirit of things, may I propose:
"Greenwich is the new Obersalzberg"? If we tear down a few billionaire's residences and put in a nearby salt mine and a national museum the metaphor will be complete.
Glitzy Greenwich feels hedge fund pain [Reuters]