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Give Us The Money Or We'll Light Our Guard Dog On Fire

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So, as you may be aware, the Big 3 (Shitty) car makers have been trying to convince Washington to give them a briefcase full of money, OR ELSE. The consequences, they say, will be unimaginably catastrophic, so just give it to us already god damn it, okay? But the smack addicts have been begging dealer Nancy for a hit for quite some time now and she hasn't yet indicated she'll kowtow to their pleas. So, aware that the old girl is playing hard ball, and desperate to stop the persistent itching, GM CEO Rick Wagoner brought out the big guns. In an interview with CNBC, Rick (short for Richard, long for Dick, short for Dick Fuld), regarding the matter of just letting the damn things die already, told Phil LeBeau, "Letting GM go is a terrible idea. Look at the effect of Lehman Brothers."
That's right, Washington-- you'll shut up and put the money in a bag or you'll have one dead dog on your hands.
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