Kurt Cobain Would Like A Few Words With You, John Thain


We told you a few weeks ago that Merrill had canceled Christmas and now the firm has finally gotten around to breaking the news to its employees. It seems that even though certain offices had their shit together, and the scratch to throw a little soiree, ML gave Kris Kringle the finger across the board.

All Employees,
Please accept my apologies for the short notice of this announcement.
Although we had fully budgeted for our 2008 Holiday Party, I am
writing to advise you that Merrill Lynch is canceling all Holiday
Parties. As a result, we will not hold the Seattle Holiday Party on
December 5th at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel.
The firm has decided to cancel all Holiday Parties due to the
unprecedented market conditions we have been dealing with over these
last few months and the need to be especially mindful of costs.
I am sorry that we will not be together as a team to celebrate what we
have accomplished in 2008 and to wish each of your families a Happy
Holiday. In lieu of being able to have a celebration with our
significant others present - we will work on a way to mark the Holiday
season within our office.
Please extend a special thanks to xxx, xxx,
xxx, xxx, and xxx for all of the efforts
they had put in to planning the original party.


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