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Liveblogging The Obama Event

2:27 pm: What do you mean "which one?" The President Elect is going to introduce us all to his team. And some other stuff. Allegedly.
2:30 pm: "...than any 'such candidate' in the past." (What the hell is that supposed to mean?)
2:34 pm: DJIA: 8889.
2:44 pm: DJIA: 8929. The Dow loves a tardy Obama.
2:48 pm: DJIA: 8956. The teacher isn't in class 15 minutes after the starting hour. The students (traders) have gone back to the floor.
2:50 pm: In 'da house.
2:55 pm: Will the financial crisis spur the manufacture of hybrid cars? DJIA: 8857. I think the markets were a bit stunned by how short Rahm is.
2:58 pm: It's going to be a long, hard road. DJIA: 8834.
3:02 pm: Mr. President-Elect, what happens when you disagree with the decisions the decider makes? Will you defer? Will you rattle the markets? DJIA: 8843. Blue horseshoe loves... -line clicks dead-
3:01 pm: How are you preparing for the role? What kind of dog will you buy?
3:05 pm: There will be no Nancy Reagan like seance in the White House. We'll be buying a hypo-allergenic dog. DJIA: 8774.
1. State the time the President-elect's speech commences. (+/- 1 minute permitted).
2. State the time the President-elect's speech ends. (+/- 1 minute permitted).