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Obama: No Friend To Automotive?

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Well, that was quick.
If Bloomberg is to be believed, Obama and crowd are already setting up pre-packaged bankruptcies for the Notorious B.I.G. 3 who will, true to their namesake, continue nonetheless to spit out albums automobiles long after their violent death. Really, when automotive can't count on Obama to keep it out of bankruptcy, it really is time to throw in the towel. The move also puts Obama at odds with the fiscal and financial genius of Nancy Pelosi, who ruled bankruptcy out entirely yesterday. (Oh yes, we are going to enjoy the next four years).
We must admit, we have been rooting for the automakers to take a pair amidships for some time now. The entire interaction the Notorious B.I.G. 3 have with the world parallels the rich kid at school, constantly in smarmy negotiations with the professor over lost, missing, eaten, incomplete or outright wrong homework. Always some bargain, some way for an "F" to meld into an "I"ncomplete. Always the thinly veiled threat that UAW-hat wearing, blue-collar uncle (the younger, more bitter brother of that generation) would come over and wrap a wrench around the neck of suede-elbow-patch professor if some compromise favoring our anti-hero was not reached.
We, to start with, are sick of their shit.
So, now Congress gave them homework. It's definitely time to shut their traps on how many children will die of starvation in the streets of some small Ohio city if taxpayers don't write a multi-billion dollar check right the fuck now. Either do the work or take the F and we'll see you at summer school.
Obama Team Said to Explore `Prepack' Auto Bankruptcy [Bloomberg]


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