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Ode To Sylvia Miles, Tell-tale Pulse Of The Market

Nowhere is the high-water mark of New York real estate more visible than the former Jehovah's Witnesses distribution facility at One Brooklyn Bridge Park.
The 14-story condominium complex shattered the borough's price ceiling when real estate entrepreneur Elizabeth Stribling agreed in March to pay $6.05 million to live there. Now, two- thirds of the 449 units in the 1.2-million-square-foot building remain unsold, testament to the financial excesses brewed up across the East River in the Wall Street canyons framed by One Brooklyn's floor-to-ceiling windows.

Or in more infamous words:

"The market is dead right now. Even the rich are bitching. The only thing moving is the termites and cockroaches, and my commission..."
"Look, save the rap, all right? Just sell the fucker. Fast!"

One Brooklyn Bridge Condo Demand `Killed' as NYC Market Slides