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Sell On The Dips

You would think that the world class experts in getting you coming and going (I mean auction houses of course) would be clever enough not to offer minimums on such fickle assets as art collections in this environment. You would think. But, then, perhaps even the formidable power of spells listed on the Ancient Christie's Scroll of Skimming were no match for the +3 Lube-less Fucking spell wielded by Dick Fuld. So, when you read that Fuld managed to jam Christie's for $6.5 million when the Fulds' collection of drawings only netted $13.5 million (and Christie's had promised them at least $20 million) do you attribute the loss to the weak Skim-Fu of Christie's, or the potent Wallet Vacuum style of Dick Fuld?
The Fulds' Collection Fetches a Mere $13.5 Million [Cityfile New York]