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Shumway, Paulson Up, L-Train Not So Much

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There's a little known fact in the hedge fund biz that if your fund is any way associated with a furry extraterrestrial whose singular pursuit in life is to catch and make a meal of a house cat, you're gonna do okay, financial apocalypse or not. So it wasn't too surprising to hear David Faber tells us earlier that Shumway Capital was up .85 percent for October (which is more than we can say for the knock us on our ass news that Paulson was up 3.8 percent for the month, if you can believe that, and we are still struggling internally to decide if we can). Unfortunately for Glenview, Larry Robbins burned all ties with everyone's favorite scamp years ago, and is not, how to put this, doing so well.

Glenview Capital Partners (Cayman), Ltd.:
October: -26.11%
YTD: -42.5%
Glenview Capital Partners LP:
October: -26.87%
YTD: -44.6%
Glenview Institutional Partners LP:
October: -26.46%
YTD: -43.5%