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Stiffed By Lehman? Get It Off Your Chest

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CNBC just had a dude on whose check for serviced rendered to Lehman Brothers bounced. Charles McCoy, president of web design company Avatar New York, performed "a simple HTML job" for the Brothers, for which he was supposed to be paid $5,750. Unfortunately, those fuck sticks went bankrupt and McCoy received a note last week re: his payment not going through "due to insufficient funds." Chaz was pretty cool about the whole thing, though he did make sure to add, "We're still going strong and will be here next year, unlike Lehman," a dig we obviously enjoyed. This was great investigative journalism on CNBC's part but we need some deeper digging. Surely there are many more people who've been stiffed by LEH they could get on the show. For starters there's the P.I. Fuld hired to tail David Einhorn (to no avail because that man is a saint) who's now out 50 large. The dry cleaners who worked, like, 'round the clock getting the stains out of Richard's gorilla suit (he used it in 'furry' type way). The list goes on. If people are afraid of retribution (not sure who from Lehman has the faculties to go after anyone at this point but whatevs), they could do that thing where they blur the person out, which would only add to a segment already busting at the seams with drama.