The Stadium Curse Revisted


Bloomberg, citing (ahem) "investors" and (ahem) "fund letters" manages to pick out the performance of a few unique names in the country. There are a couple of important take-homes:
1. No one is immune, no matter how cool you think their fund name is. Well, except Tontine Capital Partners, and Ionic Capital, we suppose.
2. The purloined letter is very much alive and well.
3. There are precious few ways to say "fell," "down," and "crashed."
One piece of news reminds us that the Nobel curse is still in force, that is anyone given a Nobel prize who later becomes involved in a hedge fund will crash said hedge fund. This time its Myron Scholes who froze his largest earlier this year. Oops.
But, really, don't feel sorry for these guys and gals. They may make rather significant stinks about copyright and their property being stolen if their investor letters end up in the hands of journalists like us, or even the occasionally, errant Bloomberg reporter, but really they love all the attention. (Mostly). That hard-ass approach just legal talking.
Scholes Among Losers as Hedge Funds Slump in October [Bloomberg]


Yanis Varoufakis Curses The Day He Met You!

You meaning the European Union, AKA the biggest mistake of his/Greece's life, second only to turning his/its back on the drachma, whose loving embrace YV wishes he could run back to like yesterday.