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These Are Your Tax Dollars At Work

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As Thanksgiving and the holiday season quickly approach, Americans across the country have started to think about what they will do for friends and family this year. Despite challenging economic times, the one gift valued most by consumers costs nothing - expressions of gratitude.
According to a recent Ipsos poll sponsored by Citi's ThankYou Network, there is a near unanimous agreement - 95 percent of Americans stated they feel "really good when others thank me for something I have done or accomplished."
Nearly all respondents (19 out of every 20) of the "Rewarding Life" survey stated a belief that "more than anything else, getting a genuine thank you from someone is the best kind of reward that you can get." In fact, when asked about the most meaningful reward they have ever received, the most common unprompted answer is a "sincere thank you."
With so many Americans placing great value on genuine appreciation, businesses can tap into this sentiment to expand the ways they thank customers to enhance relationships. Nine in ten respondents (90 percent) agreed that it is more important than ever for businesses to reward loyal customers.
At the same time, 72 percent of Americans said they are surprised when a company thanks them for their business, indicating that there are opportunities for businesses to engage customers by showing more appreciation.
"Now more than ever, businesses should be expressing their thanks and appreciation to their customers," said Gordon. "Through the Citi ThankYou Network, we have made showing appreciation and thanking our members a core value."

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Whose Falcons Are These?

[via Mark Frauenfelder] We've narrowed it down to people who own or have access to a private jet and have been known to appreciate the birds of prey. So it could be Prince Alwaleed, and we want it to be because Team Citi could use a pick-me-up in the form of an impromptu falcon petting zoo day at HQ, but it could also be someone else.  Help us out here.