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We're Here To Help Until It Hurts (Psyche!)

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Your elected representatives are due to announce something terrifying during an "Auto loan compromise press conference" at 2:30 eastern time.
Is this:
1. A fed loan to the big three? (If so, under what terms?)
2. A program to preserve existing auto loans and encourage the tightwads in auto finance to loosen up? (If so under what terms?)
3. A large hole in the ground on the outskirts of Detroit which will be filled with fresh $100 bills. (This is the cost savings option Republicans fought tooth and nail for).
Winner gets a Ford Expedition.*
I have a side bet running with Bess on how accurate our readers are with this sort of thing, so pick well.
Four senators reach bipartisan auto aid deal [Reuters]
* Non-employees of Goldman Sachs or Goldman Sachs Employees are not eligible.
UPDATE: PSYCHE! Leadership now says: No Deal, Howie! The Big 3 will get another shot in December (if they last that long).


Two Guys Who Don't Have a Say Anymore Say Bond Buying Will Continue Until It Doesn't

It's been a busy day for Federal Reserve presidents: Three of the 12 have made pronouncements today. This morning (really, really early this morning, since he was in Hong Kong), we heard from Chicago's Chuck Evans. Now, we hear from two others, San Francisco's John Williams and Atlanta's Dennis Lockhart, who've just finished their turns on the FOMC, on matters QE.