We're Here To Help Until It Hurts (Psyche!)


Your elected representatives are due to announce something terrifying during an "Auto loan compromise press conference" at 2:30 eastern time.
Is this:
1. A fed loan to the big three? (If so, under what terms?)
2. A program to preserve existing auto loans and encourage the tightwads in auto finance to loosen up? (If so under what terms?)
3. A large hole in the ground on the outskirts of Detroit which will be filled with fresh $100 bills. (This is the cost savings option Republicans fought tooth and nail for).
Winner gets a Ford Expedition.*
I have a side bet running with Bess on how accurate our readers are with this sort of thing, so pick well.
Four senators reach bipartisan auto aid deal [Reuters]
* Non-employees of Goldman Sachs or Goldman Sachs Employees are not eligible.
UPDATE: PSYCHE! Leadership now says: No Deal, Howie! The Big 3 will get another shot in December (if they last that long).