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What The Hell Will The BoA VPs Do?

When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.
Craigslist has announced it will be cracking down on "erotic ads." That marks the end of an era for the wayward investment banker after 11pm on Wednesday night. No more can you offer "ski lessons for NSA open minded girl" just before midnight and be back in the office to finish up that book before 2:30. It also puts a wrench in our plan to revive our "write-offs" feature that highlighted periodic full-text searches of the NYC craigslist for the words "banker," "hedge," "stamford," "TS" and "Cohen."
As for the dozens of laid off financial service professionals we've spoken to who had planned to offer themselves up for payment while in-between positions, don't panic. We are looking into a DealBreaker section for Adult Friend Finder. Just one of the many ways we are fighting for you in these difficult times.
In the meantime, we are certain the impact to the local economy is going to be devastating. Not only are we preventing financial whores from moonlighting as... well... whores, but don't these people know that meaningless, quasi-anonymous sex is one of the last shelters from recession?
UPDATE: While Connecticut is (curses!) New York is NOT among the 40 states teaming up with Craigslist. They know which side their bread is buttered on! Hurrah for Spitzer followers everywhere!
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