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Who's Next?

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[via NYSE]
This is getting absurd and by absurd I mean the greatest thing to happen to Wall Street maybe ever. Friday, a clown. Today, Gene Simmons. Who could possibly be next? Obviously Gary Busey is my pick, but maybe not because invoking the Buse would mean the masterminds at the NYSE shooting their collective load and it's only November--we're not there yet. In my professional opinion, G to the B should be saved for the last trading session of the year. Until then, a few names come to mind: Jimmy Cayne. David Blaine. Gay pimp Billy Ash. Neil Patrick Harris. Charlie Gasparino. You probably can't come up with anything better (objectively speaking, that's an all-start team), but I'd love to see you try. Then I'll get in touch with the appropriate NYSE official and see if we can make something happen.
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