Write-Offs: 11.21.08


$$$ Reuters: "Obama Likely to Consider Summers to Succeed Bernanke As Fed Chair in 2010." And according to The Caucus: "Mr. Summers is likely to be named as an economics adviser as well, two sources familiar with the Obama transition said, with the expectation that eventually he will be named to the Federal Reserve Board, perhaps as successor to Chairman Ben Bernanke."
$$$Air G.M. Grounds 2 Jets in Wake of P.R. Debacle [DB]
$$$ America's Neediest: Bringing' Back the Sunshine to AIG [Cityfile]
$$$Manzke 'Disgusted' by Hedge Funds, Seeks Investor-Rights Group [Bloomberg]
$$$ Congratulations to Tim Geithner for receiving the coveted Maria Bartiromo hottie stamp of approval. The $honey noted earlier that the new Treasury Secretary is "devilishly handsome," and really, not at all sarcastically because I agree with her, that's all that matters. Everything else will fall into place.**
$$$ Are you excited to have yet another weekend, or at least Sunday night, ruined? Same here! Anyway, do not forget us if you happen to come across any proprietary information or, and this is just a for instance, pictures of Vikram Pandit weeping into a gossamer pillow. bess at dealbreaker dot com, ep at dealbreaker dot com, and texts to 973-495-0177.
**CNBC's Jeff Macke and fellow Dartmouth grad adds: "He is a sexy beast."


Write-Offs: 4.30.15

Ben Bernanke rips WSJ editorial board; Criminal probe opened into Lumber Liquidators; Berkshire post-Buffett; "Robert Downey Jr. Calls Interviewer a 'Syphilitic Parasite' and 'Clown'"; and more.

Write-Offs: 6.9.15

Deutsche Bank raided; China likes Buffett; "Pole Dances Are Tax Exempt As An Art Form, Lap Dances Aren't New York Tax Judge Rules"; and more.

Write-Offs: 7.30.15

SoulCycle IPO; Elizabeth Warren; LinkedIn; Greece; Insider trading; "'Very aggressive' turkey terrorizes University of Michigan campus"; and more.

Write-Offs: 07.17.12

$$$ LIBOR Pains: How Much Will the LIBOR Scandal Cost US Banks? $35 Billion [MarketPlace/Heidi Moore] $$$ Matthew Goldstein: JPMorgan disclosed possible misconduct to feds ahead of earnings [Reuters] $$$ PFG Founder Has No Money For Attorney [CNBC] $$$ Bernanke Offers Bleak View in Testimony [WSJ] $$$ Plane Flying Above Penn State Warns: “Take Down The Statue Or We Will” [Deadspin] $$$ Gupta Seeks Help From Friends for Lenient Sentence [FBN/Charlie Gasparino] $$$ HSBC Executive Resigns at Senate Money Laundering Hearing [Bloomberg] $$$ Teens Having Sex Behind Ikea, Locals Say [DNAI]