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Yes, We Know It Is Getting Tedious, But It's Wednesday: Liveblogging The Obama Morning Show

10:46: Selling Short S&P 500 index futures now @ 851.75
News before the mic cracks: Paul Volcker will chair Obama's Council of Economic Advisers Economic Recovery Advisory Board.
They figured out that it would be better not to have a specific time to start the daily Obama announcement, so when they miss it we can't make fun of them for it.
10:47: And... begin.
10:51: What do I have to do in order to get into one of Obama's cool non-cabinet level, totally powerless clubs?
CNBC has the right idea. They are posting the Dow figures right next to Obama live. Did they do that last time?
The Obama people have also figured out to keep Obama's segment short. That is killing our index short theory. Ugh.
Q. Does the Bush Administration suck?
A. Yep. I am focused on the middle class worker. I'm going to create a team to implement my plans.
Q. Hey, is this weekend going to be busy at the malls?
A. I'm going to the mall, baby. The rest of you all are going to be pinched.
Q. How are you going to pay for all your programs? What specifically are you going to cut to pay for it? Also, what's with this Volcker thing? Where is our change? (Wow, who let this guy in the room? They have started using McCain's screeners I guess).
A. Whoa, nelly. How many questions are you asking? Look, there aren't any democrats worth appointing who haven't spent years in Washington. Volcker hasn't even been in government in years, sheesh, where have you been all this time? Ok, that's it. Happy Thanksgiving.
Covered theoretical short @ 853.75. (-2 points). Hmmm, this short government speech thesis requires government officials to babble more than Obama has. Give him this, he learns quick. He got killed for his first press conference.