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Beware of anything Illinois passes without a single dissenting vote. Yikes.

The Illinois House of Representatives voted 113-0 to form a committee to determine whether that body should bring as yet undefined charges against him, which if approved would result in a trial in the state Senate and his possible removal from office.

One can hope.
For those in the audience hoping for popcorn consuming excuses, you will have many, if Blago's lawyer is to be believed:

"He's not stepping aside. He hasn't done anything wrong. We're going to fight this case," Genson said.

Personally, we attributed this kind of statement to the jaded worldview of the Illinois political mind. In the face of such widespread and blatant corruption, how can Blago's quid pro quo even look unusual? Never underestimate the power of desensitization.

Illinois lawmakers launch impeachment of governor
Just try to raise some debt, Illinois.